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Hannah high, eigentl. Johanna high, (* 1. November 1889 in Gotha; † 31. May 1978 in Berlin) was a German Collagekünstlerin of the Dadaismus.

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high were the daughter of an insurance employee, their nut/mother were a hobby painter. With 15 years it broke the school off, in order to worry about their brothers and sisters.

1912 registered it at the college of arts and crafts in Berlin. As 1914the First World War broke off, traveled high to Cologne, in order large work federation - exhibition to visit. In the year following on it high at the national institute of the museums of arts and crafts Berlin became the pupil of Emil Orlik. There she learned Raoul house manknows and became its loving. With it it developed stylistic the photo assembly. In the years 1916 to 1926 it was for the Ullstein publishing house actively, mostly for the magazine publishing houses. Over house man she became acquainted with 1917 the dadaistischen circles of Berlin.Starting from 1920 it participated in the annual exhibitions of group of Novembers . In the same year it still visited the Dadaisten in Prague together with house man.

In the spring 1921 high separated from house man. 1924 traveled it for the first time to Paris. On the return journey it visited Pieter Cornelis Mondrian and its group De Stijl. The Soviet Union made high possible 1924 to participate in an exhibition. The German art community in Berlin invited it 1925 to an exhibition. 1926 learned it thoseAuthoress Til Brugman know, with which it lived 1929 into the Hague and then until 1936 in Berlin together and worked.

1932 got high the possibility of issuing in the USA. In the years 1933 to 1945 high was considered as degenerateand was occupied with an exhibition prohibition. Sometime between 1935 and 1937 high separated from Brugman.1938 married it the pianist Dr. Briefly Matthies, of which it became again divorced 1944. 1965 became high to the academy of the artsin Berlin appoint. At the age of 89 years Hannah high died to 31. May 1978 in Berlin.

It left an extensive artistic work, which is stylistic very various. Their entire work commentated high with the words: “I made everythingand me cared for handwriting and characteristic never. “


  • 1919, cut with the kitchen measurer Dada the latter Weimar beer belly culture epoch of Germany, new national gallery, Berlin
  • 1921, humans and machine, Nuremberg, Germanic national museum, GM 1943, oil upCanvas, 107 x 85 cm
  • 1922, collage
  • 1926 from a ethnographischen museum, Nuremberg, Germanic national museum, cycles per second of 6899 (loan from the deduction), collages


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  • Hannah high, Gunda Luyken: Album, their gathering of material from the years 1925/26, Hatje Cantz publishing house, 1988.
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