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Hannelies task-strike (* 26. April 1937 in Hamburg) is a German authoress.

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Hannelies task-strike buildup in Swabia and in meals . After early print attempts it became 1959 of the publisher V. O. Stomps discovers, which published its first poem volume in itsEremitenpresse “. From 1962 to 1964 was the authoress in Paris . From 1972 to 1974 it was Mitherausgeberin of the author edition in the Bertelsmann publishing house. Since the seventies-years it undertook numerous journeys, and. A. into the Soviet Union, to Norway and Iceland. Since 1996 it is member of the literature commission of the country North Rhine-Westphalia. It lives in Hameln.

Hannelies task house work covers both lyric poetry and Prosa, radio plays, plays and film scripts. Their topic are self identification and development processes of woman shapes as well as the argument with social conditions and contemporary history of the Federal Republic. Task-strike is member of the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany. It received and. A. the following honors: 1968 a promotion price of the country North Rhine-Westphalia, 1980 an artist scholarship of the country Lower Saxony, 1995 the art price of the country Lower Saxony in the section literature.


  • Verworrene route, bull city in the Taunus 1961
  • the Kinderei, bull city in the Taunus 1963
  • the pigeon on the roof, Hamburg of 1967
  • poems, Hamburg 1969
  • Strip and other narrations, Munich [and. A.] 1974
  • land peace, Zurich [and. A.] 1978
  • air for breathing, Karlsruhe 1978
  • double lives, Zurich [and. A.] of 1979
  • noodle cranks, bath Homburg v.d.H. 1980
  • inventor of the luck, Zurich [and. A.] 1981
  • endangerment of the passion, Darmstadt [and. A.] 1984
  • my body warns me of each word, lock Scheer 1984
  • close goals, Darmstadt [and. A.] 1985
  • miracles escape, Darmstadt [and. A.] 1986
  • way with the sea, Frankfurt/Main 1990
  • third seduction, Zurich [and. A.] 1992
  • the smallest country in us or opening of Stuttgart, Warmbronn 1992
  • my last man, Zurich [and. A.] 1992
  • centrallong desire flags, mountains, Holland 1992
  • is there someone, Warmbronn 1993
  • the summer house, Zurich [and. A.] of 1995
  • clear dreamers, Lueneburg 1998
  • a good end one must get, Zurich 1999
  • if we rush off, to Bamberg 2001
  • can Jupiter be affected, Warmbronn 2002

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  • childhood stories, Königstein/Ts. 1979 (together with Uwe Friesel)

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