Hannelore Elsner

Hannelore Elsner (* 26. July 1942 in castle living) is a German actress.

After conclusion of its play training Elsner of their career at theatres in Munich and Berlin began. Under the direction of Edgar Reitz and István Szabó created themselves it a nameas Charakterdarstellerin in motion picture films.

In and the 70's 60's it arose in rather inconsequential maintenance films, thus at the side of Peter Alexander in to the devil with the Penne, with Beppo Brem in Allotria in cell at the lake, with Hansi Kraus in The Lümmel of the first bank and Pepe, swot-frighten and with George Thomalla in Hurra, we are times again bachelors. In and the 90's 80's Hannelore Elsner in numerous TV serials participated. For the representation of the Lea summers in the series The clerk sarin was distinguished it 1995 with the Telestar.

Hannelore Elsner with the return to the cinema canvas after a fifteen-year break celebrated their largest successes. The role of the authoress Hanna Flanders in Oskar Roehlers film the untouchable one brought their the German film price, that to 2000German critic price and the Bavarian film price. A second time won it the German film price 2003 with my last film of olive Hirschbiegel.

Besides work it also as a Synchronsprecherin and e.g. borrowed. Liza Minnelli (among other things in Cabaret or Pookie) or Fanny Ardant (Eight Mrs.) their voice.

1997 were lent to Hannelore Elsner of the earnings/service medals of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hannelore Elsner was married from 1964 to 1966 with actor Gerd Vespermann. Starting from 1973 director Alf Brustellin, which had an accident to 1981 deadly, was their partner. 1993 married it again. You1981 born son Dominik Dieter whisk originates from a not-conjugal relationship with director.

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