Hannjost Lixfeld

Hannjost Lixfeld (* 7. June 1937 in victories1998 in Freiburg) was a German Volkskundler and telling researcher.

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Lixfeld studied 1958 and 1966 Germanistik and Volkskunde at the Universities of Innsbruck , Vienna , Hamburg , Mainz and Marburg between. In the last academic year it attained a doctorate with Lutz rawsmells with the work people narrations of the binaryistic animal creation by God and the devil. From 1967 to 1970 he was scientific coworker of the encyclopedia of the fairy tale, afterwards to 1974 scientific assistant at the department of Volkskunde of the German seminar of the University of Freiburg in mash gau. In the connection it finally became academic advice and upper advice at the free citizen Institut for Volkskunde.

It died in consequence of a heavy illness.


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