Hanns Blaschke

Hanns Blascke, 1938

Hanns Blaschke (* 1. April 1896 in Vienna; † 25. October 1971 in Salzburg) was a patent lawyer and a National Socialist politician of the NSDAP.


Blaschke was already in the 30's active as an illegal functionary in the Austrian NSDAP and took part in the Juliputsch 1934, for which to lifelong dungeon condemns was again begnadigt, but after two years. 1938 it participated in the storm on the building of the patriotic front . In the same year it became assigning to and councilman in Vienna. First third, then as first vice-mayors was responsible he for the office for culture. To 30. December 1943 he finally took over the office mayors of Vienna von Philipp William young, which he up to 6. April 1945 kept. 1948 were condemned Blaschke to 6 years detention.

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