Hanns Cibulka

Hanns Cibulka (* 20. September 1920 in hunter village, Czechoslovakia, today: Krnov, Tschechien; † 20. June 2004 in Gotha) was a German writer ( poet, storyteller and/or. Diary - author ).

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of Hanns Cibulka, son of a Appreturmeisters, learned first the occupation of a trade of buyer. From 1939 to 1945 he was a soldier of the German armed forces. During the war it became and. A. with the writings of William Heinse, Robert hollow tree and Friedrich Nietz more near trusts. After heavy fights it came in Italy, at malaria gotten sick, on Sicilies into an American prisoner-of-war camp.

library leaders

after the dismissal from the shank could it not to its sudetenländische homeland return and settled in the Soviet zone of occupation . Starting from 1948 was active in the Thuringian national place for library natures in Jena, before it studied 1949 to 1951 at the library school in east Berlin. As new field of work the line of the new Zentralbibiliothek in the national research and memorial places of the classical German literature in Weimar was offered to it. Cibulka decided however for the city and circle library “Heinrich Heine” in the Orangerie in Gotha and was there from 1953 to its retirement 1985 library leaders. Its first wife Annemarie went with the writer Peter Jokostra 1958 to the west. The two children from this marriage remained in Gotha. 1960 he married Edelgard Häfferer, which took care of the two children. Since 1988 it was married with his third Mrs. Christa.

poet and pro SA author

its literary work cover poem volumes and diaries. The loss of the homeland in the mährischen Sudetenland, its experiences in the war and in the war shank as well as the impressions of Italy he processed first in his works. Cibulka changed itself from the early poet to the literary pro SA author. Literary influences, which were relevant for it, went of Goethe's scientific writings, Nietz life certifications, Robert hollow tree (1944 meeting in hunter village; 1946-1951 in Weimar), Friedrich George young, Erhart Kästner, Gerhart captain, Ezra Pound and Rupert Sheldrake out. Its increasing literary effectiveness set in the GDR over approx. 1970 . It was gladly read, was certainly from official side little promoted and only late with appreciative honours mindfully.

With the taking up of environmental problems in “Swantow” (1982) it practiced open criticism at the environmental policy of the GDR, fell thereby during the GDR guidance in disgrace and went actively into the church municipalities, where its words found a powerful forum. In the consequence he was probably observed by the “Ministry for public security “(MfS). The narration “Swantow” became nearly a secret communist manifesto of the budding GDR Ökobewegung. Starting from 1989 it could reflect more strongly the loss of the homeland publicly and argue with it also with the political and social development in Europe. In its last book “late years” (2004) it concerned itself us time valley with the topic age and aging.

There were not expenditures for license of its works in the FRG up to the “turn “, but translations abroad European (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy).


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  • 1973 Louis for mountain price
  • 1978 Francesco de Sanctis price
  • 1978 Johannes r. - Cup price
  • 1979 culture price of the city Gotha
  • 1982 Diploma merito the Accademia Italia
  • 1988 Ehrenprofessur the Florida State University, the USA
  • of 1991 Sudeten Germans culture price
  • 1995 honour gift at the Andreas Gryphius price
  • 2000 Erwin Strittmatter price


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