Hanns Joachim Friedrichs

Hanns Joachim Friedrichs (* 15. March 1927 in Hamm; † 28. March 1995 in Hamburg) was a German TV-moderator. After the school it made in Berlin a Volontariat with a newspaper. By a further training course about “parliamentary democracy” he came 1949 to London, where it created it, with the BBC as a message editor to be employed.

On German screens he was to be seen for the first time to 1954 during a transmission to the 80sten birthday of vienna clay/tone Churchill. 1955 it changed to Germany and began with the WDR in Cologneand were there correspondent and reporter. It moderated also the regional magazine “here and today”. After it was engaged 1964 by the Second Channel of German Television, it moderated the newscast starting from 1969 today and was since 1973 sport boss Second Channel of German Television.

1985 changed Friedrichs from the Second Channel of German Television to the pool of broadcasting corporations: It becamefor the 1978 to again commits created daily topics as moderator. Its successor became at the 1. July 1991 Ulrich Wickert. The popular moderator spoke the pro log in the year 1988 for the hit “goes and increases” of Udo Jürgens, in that the Sexualpolitik of the Vatikan is attacked sharply.

Before its death the news magazine of the MIRRORS from a last discussion with it made a title history short.

Since Friedrichs' death 1995 is lent the Hanns Joachim Friedrichs price for journalistic work.


“a good journalist recognizes one by the fact that he itselfmakes not common with a thing, also not with a good thing. “(Hanns Joachim Friedrichs)

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