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Hanns Lothar (actually: Hanns Lothar new TZE) (* 10. April 1929 in Hanover; † 11. March 1967 in Hamburg) was a German actor. Death date after Hanns Lothar with filmportal.de however 10. March 1967.

Hanns Lothar was in the 1950er and 1960er years a popular theatre, film and a television actor, which are particularly by its komödiantisches talent until today in memory.

He was the brother of the actors Günther new TZE and refuge Michael new TZE. Between 1959 and 1965 he was married with the actress Ingrid Andree. Its 1960 born daughter Susanne Lothar, who is likewise an actress, comes of to this marriage. To 24. July 1966 he married Gabriele Wiemer.

Its first film of ways in the twilight it turned 1948 among the director and actors Werner Hessian. In Alfreds' of pasture man filming of of Thomas's man Buddenbrooks it played 1959 the Christian Buddenbrook.

it played 1960 at the side of its wife Ingrid Andree in the Bruno franc - filming storm in the water glass. In this film also Therese Giehse and Peter Lühr arose . Its until today most well-known film is Billy Wilders east west satire unity, two, three. Lothar played Schlemmer, the chop-striking secretary James Cagneys.

As one of the best its numerous television films flight in danger of 1964 is considered, in which it played the main role at the page Benno Sterzenbachs and its brother Günther new TZE.

Hanns Lothar died 1967 completely surprisingly at kidney failure.

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  • 1960 Federal film award
  • 1961 film volume in gold for the Nebenrolle in “the last witness”

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