Hannu Manninen

Hannu Manninen (* 17. April 1978 in Rovaniemi) is a Finnish Nordi Kombinierer. Manninen won three times (2004, 2005 and 2006) the Gesamtweltcup of the Nordi combination. It has so far 43 Weltcupsiege (conditions: 19.3.2006) reached and is thereby with large distance of exclusive record owners. The Skilangläuferin Pirjo Manninen is its sister.

However the amazing fault adheres to it so far still not one single medal with the Nordi ski world championship or with olympic winter plays to have reached. This achievement discrepancy between Worldcup and large events became particularly clear with the Olympia in Turin 2006: After Manninen had won the last seven Weltcuprennen in each case before, he reached in the olympic single disciplines as pot-change request-guessed/advised only the 9. and 12. Rank.

With the Finnish relay Manninen celebrated against it numerous successes: With Olympia 2002 in salt Lake town center he became relay olympia winner. 2006 in Turin reached the relay the third place. At the WM 1999 in RAM sow Manninen crew gold won, at the WM 2001 in Lahti and WM 2003 in the Italian Val di Fiemme in each case the bronze medal.

Much attention excited Manninen due to an alleged Unsportlichkeit (push aside) opposite Ronny field man with Weltcup running. In the goal field man with its stick on Manninen stocherte, apologized later however for this action with its contractor. For the surprise of the public Hannu Manninen presented the Trophäe on the occasion of the choice from field man to of Germany sportsman of the yearly 2005.


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