Hans Joachim Haase

Hans Joachim Haase (* 1915 in Parchim; † 20. December 2001 in Berlin) was learned Uhrmacher and Augenoptiker. It developed a measuring and a correction methodology for the extremely precise measurement and examination of the binocular seeing, which revolutionized the treatment of the angle defective vision. This measuring method was called later then (MKH) (measuring and correction methodology after H. - J. Haase). It informed the ranges workshop and eyeglass adjustment, in addition - and later only - the range refraction/glas regulation from 1953 to 1981 at (west) the citizens of Berlin national technical school for optics and photography method, first.

Most important publications: 1. Binocular correction. (Anthology with publications from the years 1957-1978). Publishing house Willy Schrickel, Duesseldorf: 1980 (ISBN 3-921405-10-6) 2. To the Fixationsdisparation. (Supplemental reproduction of an article row from the years 1980-1984). Publishing house optical specialized publication GmbH, Heidelberg: 1995 3. Angle defective visions with Fixationsdisparation. Discussions for the theory of the Fixationsdisparation and to the function mode the necessary test for the determination of binocular full correction. Publishing house Bode, Pforzheim: 1999

joint founders of the international combination for binocular full correction IVBV, a specializedscientific (not however occupation-political) combination of opticians, Augenoptikern, Orthoptist/inn/en, Ergotherapeuten, paedagogues, psychologists and other specialists.


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