Hans Joachim Koellreutter

Hans Joachim Koellreutter (* 2. September 1915 in Freiburg in mash gau; † 13. September 2005 in São Paulo, Brasil) is German - a Brazilian composer, seamist, a conductor and a music paedagogue.

After its study of the music it emigrierte before the Nazis in the year 1937 to Brazil, where it began in Salvador to inform music. It justified a new movement, the Música Viva , which arose against the nationalism in the folklore in Brazil. Other members of this movement were Cláudio Santoro, Guerra Peixe, Edino Krieger and Eunice Catunda. It fought itself with composer colleague, about Camargo Guarnieri, which accused to it to take from the composers away their roots. It inserted the twelve-clay/tone music into Brazil also , the Arnold beautiful mountain had developed and came into contact with the music of the indigenen population of Brazil, who affected also its work.

Into the 1940er years was Koellreutter one of the most influential music professors. To its pupils among other things Antônio Carlo Jobim, which got instruction in piano and harmony teachings with Koellreutter in its Jugendalter, in addition, João Mendes and many further belonged. It created also schools of music in São Paulo and Salvador.

Under Koellreutters influence also some further European composers came to Brazil, and/or. remained there. In addition e.g. belongs. Ernst Widmer, who came into the 1950ern from Switzerland to Bahia, in order to participate there in Koellreutters again-created free music seminars. Also Henry Jolles was called from Koellreutter to Brazil, it worked starting from 1952 at the Escola livre de Música in São Paulo.

In the year 1964 Koellreutter moved only to Rio de Janeiro, until he into the late 1960ern and 1970ern for the Goethe Institute in India and Japan worked, where he studied the classical music of these two countries. In the year 1975 it returned to Brazil and continued there its activity as teacher and a composer.


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