Hans Joachim Kulenkampff

Hans Joachim Kulenkampff (* 27. April 1921 in Bremen; † 14. August 1998 in Seeham (flat gau, Austria)) were a German actor and television moderator; it often called itself as Quizmaster.

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Kulenkampff became to 27. April 1921 in Bremen as a second son of Bremen of the buyer Friedrich William Kulenkampff (1893-1964) born. Its older brother was the later full professor forAnatomy at the university of Saarland of the Professor. Dr. med. Helmut Kulenkampff.

1946 married Kulenkampff Gertraud (Traudl) black (1922-2000), which later than child book authoress admit became, and got with their three children: the daughter Merle (*1949) and the sons Norbert, called Burli, (1953-1957 car accident) and dock Joachim (*1959).

Kulenkampff died 1998 at a cancer illness in its choice place of residence Seeham in Austria. It lies on the small cemetery buried by woman stone with Linz/Austria.


Kulenkampff studied play at the German theatre (teacher after the Abitur was among other things Agnes wind-hit a corner) in Berlin andafterwards to the military service one drew in. Since 1946 it played theatres, 1950 very successfully began it besides as a broadcast announcer to work, whereby it belonged also to the team Frankfurt bell. On the radio exhibition started to 29. August 1953 its first show who approximately whom?, also„the coolie “to a favourite of the television public by its charm and its Schlagfertigkeit became. 1958 and 1961 Kulenkampff as well as Heinz Erhardt in the films always played the cyclists and three men in a boat. Advertising spots brought much attention in that time also itsfor a tobacco company with the Slogan three the man needs things: Fire, whistle, Stanwell.

From 1964 to 1987 it moderated 82 times the extremely successful Quizsendung of one will win. In the pool of broadcasting corporations it was from 1985 to 1990 nearly 2000 time as reading out that To see short night thought before transmission conclusion. From 1990 to 1991 it moderated book club with RTL plus coolies.


for a scandal Kulenkampff ensured to 15. January 1989 as a guest of the NDR Talkshow, as it itself over the likewise present CDU at that time- Secretary-General Heiner Geissler expressed, it was worse a Hetzer „than Goebbels “. Kulenkampff said after the transmission: „Why I did not say cattle cattle ‚the worst since… `instead of ‚more badly than… `? No carrion could have driven to me there to the car. “ To 29. January 1989 invited the NDR the contractors again, which led to a public apology Kulenkampffs.


of films, in which Hans Joachim Kulenkampff participated, were under others:

  • Three men in a boat (1961)
actor: Heinz Erhardt, walter Giller, Willy enriches among other things Direction: Helmut Weiss
the film is based on the humorous and ironical novel three men in a boat of Jerome K. Jerome. Three adults of men decide to a travel over a river. They want to exchange, again experience youth memories, like it are to be free.
  • Always the cyclists (1958)
actor: Heinz Erhardt, wolf Albach Retty, whale-trusts Haas, Mady Rahl among other things Direction: Hans Deppe
Hans Joachim Kulenkampff was co-author of this film and had only a small role.
  • Dr. med. Fabian - laughter is the best medicine (1969)
actor: Martin hero, Elizabeth Flickenschildt, Monika whip, Gisela Uhlen, Agnes wind-hit a corner among other things Direction: Harald Reinl
  • small, but mine - the large time of the small cars

Quizsendungen on the television

  • 1953-56: Who approximately whom?
  • 1956–57: Two on a horse
  • 1957-58: The lucky four
  • 1958–59: Filters on a caper
  • 1959-60: Quiz without titles (after short time renamed in: The large throw)
  • 1961: Small city - completely large
  • 1964-69: One will win
  • 1975-76: Fire evening
  • 1977: How would Sie's like?
  • 1979–87: One will win
  • 1993: The large price
  • 1997: BetweenYesterday and mornings

of works

  • sails learn with Hans Joachim Kulenkampff. A course up to the A-light. Heyne, Munich 1974.


  • Herzogenrath, Carola: Hans Joachim Kulenkampff on the German television. Characteristic forms of the presentation. Scientist publishing house, Bardowick 1991. ISBN 3-89153-016-1
  • Kulenkampff, Hans's Ludwig: Family treesthe family Kulenkampff (Osterholzer branch). Bremen 1968

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