Hans Otto black

Hans Otto black (* 24. May 1929 in Esslingen at the Neckar) is SPD - a politician and a former minister of economics Baden-Württembergs.

Black the school in Nürtingen visited and put 1948 down the Abitur. At 1949 it began the study of the national economy at the University of doing bending, which it locked 1952 with the Dimplom. It financed itself its study as an assistant. 1953 attained a doctorate to black to the Dr. rer. pole. Subsequently, it was briefly in the industry active. Then it studied marketing and management at the Handelshochschule Nuremberg, where it put 1958 down the Assessorexamen. Until 1966 it was then active as teachers at a Nürtinger vocational school.

Already early black engaged itself also politically in the SPD. It represented the constituency Nürtingen in the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg from 1956 to 1976. Likewise it sat from 1959 to 1966 in the Kreistag of the district Nürtingen.

With education of the large coalition under Prime Minister Hans Filbinger 1966 black drew in in its cabinet as a minister of economics. After the election of the federal parliament 1972 the CDU could form alone the federal state government in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Therefore black lost its office for Minister. He remained however further a delegate in the federal state parliament and became a chairman of a committee.

To its time as politicians it changed into the energy industry and became a chairman of the management of the gas supply South Germany GmbH. it stepped 1995 into the retirement. In the last active years he was also a president of the Federal association of the German gas and water management.

Among other things the large Order of Merit and the earnings/service medal of the country kept Baden-Wuerttemberg black.

Black is married since 1957 with Irene Renate geb. Schnaitmann and has two sons and a daughter.

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