Hans's Albert Einstein

Hans's Albert Einstein (* 14. May 1904 in Berne; † 26. July 1973 in Woods gets, Massachusetts) as a son of Albert Einstein and its Mrs. Mileva Maric in the German-language part of Switzerland was born. It possessed the nationality of Switzerland and became later also US-American citizen.


like his brother Eduard suffered in particular also Hans's Albert much from the separation of parents, after which the sons lived with the nut/mother in Switzerland. The father visited it however further.

Hans's Albert civil engineering studied at the Swiss federal technical university in Zurich.

He married twice and had three children (Berne pool of broadcasting corporations, Evelyn and Klaus), from whom however one died.

Hans's Albert went later with his family into the USA. As a professor for hydraulics in the hydraulic engineering at the university of California in Berkeley the civil engineer attained Einstein some at reputation, particularly by his work to the bed load transport in running waters.

The relationship to the father was considered itself for a long time as disturbed, improved however in the course of the time.

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