Hans Conrad Zander

Hans Conrad Zander (* 19. October 1937 in Zurich) is a Swiss German-speaking journalist and writer.


Hans Conrad Zander originates from a calvinistischen buyer family. With 20 years it occurred the catholic Dominikanerorden , in which it aimed at an activity as a Prediger. After three years Zander left the medal and began in Cologne a study of the sociology, which he locked with the degree one “licencié ès lettres “. Subsequently, Zander was journalistically active: Since 1973 he wrote numerous sound broadcasting - contributions, usually to historical and theological topics, for the West German broadcast, later occasionally also reports for the pictorial“Star “.

Hans Conrad Zander, which admits particularly by its mildly sow-Irish church and religion-critical glosses and books became, lives today in Cologne. it received the Egon Erwin Kisch price to 1983; 1995/96 he was a guest professor at the University of meal.


  • Napoleon in the bath tub, oiled [and. A.] 1977
  • house sky door, Cologne 1981 (together with George Bungter)
  • God uncomfortable friends, Hamburg 1982
  • the emanzipierte nun and other haven advice of holy individualists, Stuttgart 1990
  • Minnesota in Cologne, Cologne 1990 (together with Carl Brunn)
  • of the right kind of losing the faith Münster [and. A.] 1990
  • of the Religiosität of the cats, Münster [and. A.] 1990
  • Ludwig XIV. in treatment, Basel 1991
  • hits a corner Jesus, Reinbek with Hamburg 1992
  • Zanderfilets, Stuttgart 1992
  • king David in the Café, Duesseldorf 1994
  • like the archbishop of Cologne to marry had, Duesseldorf 1995
  • in the beginning was the crocodile, Duesseldorf 1996
  • small breakfast pointingnesses, Duesseldorf of 1996
  • ten arguments for the Zölibat, Duesseldorf 1997
  • the concert disturbed by the ease of the religion
  • , Duesseldorf 1999 ascent and case one Bernese artilleryman
  • , Basel 2000 to Versailles, Basel 2000
  • Ludwig the much-loved, Basel 2000
  • as the religion not yet boring was, Cologne 2001
  • Joachim, me graut's before you!, Cologne 2004

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