Hans's Dieter Baroth

Hans Dieter Baroth (* 12. February 1937 in Oer Erkenschwick) is a German writer.

Hans's Dieter Baroth is the son of a mountain man. It visited the elementary school and learned afterwards the occupation of its father. Until 1957 he worked under days in the mining industry. To it afterwards it exercised different activities and was from 1959 to 1961 trade union functionary. It began to write for different newspapers and turn starting from 1964 documentary films. Since 1963 it lived in Duesseldorf, starting from 1990 in Berlin.

Hans's Dieter Baroth a sober chronicler of the mining industry and above all the mountain worker everyday life is in the Ruhr district of the second half 20 in its erzählerischen works. Century. Later books Baroths are concerned particularly with the history of the football in its home act region. In the last years it writes reports over the consequences of the reunification in the East German Lands of the Federal Republic and at its new domicile Berlin.

Hans's Dieter Baroth is member of the federation of German writers. It received the German journalist price and 1992 the literary award Ruhr district to 1972.


  • the slipper democracy or the geklügelten words, Duesseldorf 1969 (together with Jupp Wolter and Peter Leger)
  • in our enterprises, Cologne 1977
  • however it were however not bent beautiful times
  • , Cologne 1978 Streuselkuchen in Ickern
  • , Cologne 1980 Gebeutelt, Cologne 1981
  • the grass grew in vain, Cologne 1983
  • the district book, Cologne 1985
  • men without name, meal 1987
  • of “June gene, you belong the sky! ”, Meal 1988
  • whistled for the start in ruins, meals 1990
  • of the German football wild years, meals 1991
  • as the football to run learned, meals 1992
  • more to know, more can for occupation and life, Duesseldorf 1993 (together with Astrid fire)
  • is everywhere the west, Berlin 1994 we however
  • now built dykes for the weak ones, Hamburg 1996 (together with Dieter shoemakers)
  • Streuselkuchen and Muckefuck, meal 2003
  • that I will never forget, meals 2005

publisher shank

  • writer tests politician texts, Munich [among other things] 1967
  • with politics and Porno, Frankfurt/Main [among other things] 1973
  • women's movement and Frauenemanzipation, Frankfurt/Main 1977
  • our last bills, meals 1991

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