Hans's Dieter Stöver

Hans Dieter Stöver (* 13. December 1937 in in knowledge /Sieg) is completely predominant a German writer and author of numerous novels, special and youth books, over topics of Roman history.

Stöver studied Pädagogik, history, history of art and antiquity sciences in Bonn and Cologne. It was temporarily active as teachers and lives now in close proximity to Cologne as a free author. With its historical novels and special books he tries to näherzubringen above all to the youth Roman history. Its first special book was the Romans - tacticians of power (1976). Followed it the novel Spartacus - slave and rebel (1977) and further special books. After a set of historical detective stories publish Stöver with Quintus goes to Rome (1987) being first youth book, which numerous further works followed.


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