Hans Dirscherl

Hans Dirscherl (* 4. March 1889; † 16. April 1962) was a German politician (FDP).

1930 to 1932 were Dirscherl of realm tag delegates.

1948 became Dirscherl the first chairman of the again-rounded “Bavarian handicraft daily”. It belonged to the German Bundestag in the first legislative period (1949 - 1953). Together with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Stücklen it belonged to the fathers of the handicraft ordinance, with - so the Bavarian minister of economics Dr. Hanns Seidel on the annual meeting of the “Bavarian handicraft daily” 1953 in Passau - “finally the barrierless freedom of trade for the handicraft, forced upon by the American Besatzern, waived " is.


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