Hans Ewers

Hans Ewers (* 5. April 1884; † 29. December 1968) was a German politician of the DP.

Ewers worked as an attorney in Luebeck and belonged in the Weimar Republic of the DVP , where he was added to the right wing.

To 25. September 1945 it was based in the Hanseatic city the “German collection”, to 14. February 1946 in Mülheim at the Ruhr at the establishment of the “German structure party” (DAP) took part. Already one month later, to 22. March 1946 came up the DAP in the “German conservative party - German right-wing party” DKP-DRP . At the 11. November 1947 crossed Ewers with the Lübecker circle federation of the DKP-DRP, which had nevertheless reached 10% of the voices with the election of the federal parliament 1947, the DP and became their regional chairmen.

With the first elections to the German Bundestag Ewers was selected to the Member of the Bundestag (until 1953). 1951 to 1953 was it deputy chairmen of the “parliamentary committee of inquiry concerning the document theft in the Office of the Federal Chancellor” and of 17. March 1953 up to the end of the legislative period stv. Leader of the parliamentary group of its party.


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