Hans's hardening

Hans hardening (* 21. September 1904 in Leipzig; † 8. December 1989 in Antibes, France) French-German painter and commercial artist.


hardening completed the Abitur on that human High School in Dresden. Still duringthe school time began it 1921 to paint. Followed from 1924 to 1930 a study of the painting in Leipzig, Dresden and Munich as well as 1925 a coining/shaping meeting with the painting Wassily Kandinskys in Paris. From 1932 to 1934hardening lived on the island Menorca and starting from 1935 in Paris. it occurred 1939 the Fremdenlegion . 1944 it was wounded heavily and lost a leg, 1946 received it the French nationality and to the Ehrenlegion was taken up. Afterthe war and a mark break of several years became he one of the most important representatives of the Informel. 1960 it was distinguished with the price of the Biennale in Venice. 1984 he gave to the hessian federal state museum Darmstadt a representative area of its works.

Hardeningarrived at a ungegenständlichen style with graphically felt black line plays before bright reasons, often reminding of Chinese Tuschmalerei.


1974, “T.1974, E.15. ”, Gallery de France, Paris

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