Hans Küng

Hans Küng (* 19. March 1928 in Sursee, Luzern) is a Swiss theologian and well-known religion-philosophical author.

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training and activity

1948 - 1957 Study of philosophy and theology at the papal University of Gregoriana in Rome; Graduation with the thesis justification. The teachings Karl Barths and a catholic meditation.

Hans Küng was a professor for catholic theology at the Eberhard Karl university Tübingen and one at present ofPope Johannes XXIII. destined advisor - council theologians so mentioned - of the second Vatikani council. It affected at that time with its book “council and reunification” the ökumenische discussion. Because of its strong urge into the public Ottaviani and Pope Paul VI. guessed/advised him cardinal.in personal, stilltrusting discussions, to more patience and restraint. On suggestion of Küng Joseph Ratzinger, the later Pope Benedikt XVI changed., in the year 1966 on the chair for catholic dogma TIC in Tübingen. Between both it came along however to the break, as Ratzinger in the argumentthe 68er-Bewegung more conservative positions represented, while Küng formed itself as a critic of the Popes.

Hans Küng is a first considerable theologian of catholic origin, since whom Schisma of the old-catholic church of 1870, to which the infallibility of the Pope questions. Infallibly the Pope acts if hefinally it decides that theory of the faith belongs to the catholic teachings (only applications: 1854 Immaculata, 1950 Assumpta). In particular Küng of this conviction stepped (griech.: Dogma) in the book infallible? Against inquiry, which it published 1970. After lengthy conflicts, also around the best-seller “Christian its”,the Vatikan determined in December 1979, Küng can no more than catholic theologian apply, whereupon the German bishop conference to 18. December announced, Küng church training permission (Missio canonica) is extracted. The withdrawal of training permission took place at the beginning of of 1980. Up to its retirement 1996he remained as a director of the institute for Ökumeni research further a professor at the Eberhard Karl university Tübingen and is a further catholic priest.

He is initiator and president of the donation Weltethos. 1994 appeared its work the Christianity, nature and history.

Hans Küng stands for Lehrmeinungen of the catholicChurch critically opposite and analyzes the authentication in the catholic church as God-given valid Lehrmeinungen. It questions above all the following catholic Lehrmeinungen:

Hans Küng stands for the complicated national church right of the German Federal Republic and Swiss uncritically opposite (conflict with bishop Dr. Briefly cook, Basel, in March 2006), because it, therein on Protestant line, the private religion execution in the context of political warranties for well waivedholds. It represents this civilian-denominational conception also in the inter+religious dialogue supported by him, particularly in relation to the Islam.

In September 2005 its last work appeared, at the beginning of all things. Natural science and religion. It contains five lectures study of generals of the University of Tübingenfrom the spring 2005. Küng is concerned therein with the question as the modern natural sciences the emergence of the universe, the earth and mankind to explain itself and as the religion (above all Christian theology) can meet this challenge reliably.

To 23. September 2005 becameHans Küng by Pope Benedikt XVI. received. For the public this attendance came unexpectedly; Insider reminded however of the fact that both had co-operated well, in a spirit of mutual confidence with one another as young professors in the University of Tübingen.

Admits became Hans Küng also by his Trilogie over the three largeWorld religions, the Judentum, the Christianity and last the Islam. Hans Küng feels strong sympathies for one enlightened up Islamic inspired Religiosität and considers a inter+religious Ökumenismus in the age of the postmodernism attainable.


newer one of works

  • exists to God?- Answer to the God question of the modern times, Piper publishing house, 1978. Newest edition: ISBN 3-492-22144-0
  • project Weltethos. Piper publishing house, 1990; Table of contents in the pdf format
  • fought for - memories, Piper publishing house, for liberty Munich, 2002; Conception; Review
  • to which Weltethos? - Religion and ethics in times of the globalization- In the discussion with Jürgen hearing, Herder publishing house, Freiburg/Brsg., 2002;Conception
  • Hans Küng (Hrsg.): Documentation to the Weltethos - the way to the Weltethoserklärung - with a preface by Hans Küng. Piper publishing house, Munich 2002; Conception
  • Hans Küng (Hrsg.), Dieter Senghaas (Hrsg.): Policy of peace - ethical basesinternational relations -. Piper publishing house, Munich, 2003; Overview; Review; From the contents of
  • the Islam - history, present, future. Piper publishing house, Munich, 2004; Overview; From the contents of
  • the Judentum. Piper publishing house, Munich, 2005 ISBN 3492228275
  • at the beginning of all things -Natural science and religion. Piper publishing house, Munich 2005


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