Hans Kmoch

Hans Kmoch (* 25. July 1894 in Vienna, † 14. February 1973 in New York town center) was a Austrian chess master and chess journalist emigrierter into the USA.

Kmoch made in the middle of the 20's with good results on itself attentive. It won 1925 in Debrecen an international tournament, divided 1926 into Budapest place 3 and 4. 1930 it won well occupied tournaments in Vienna and even lake. 1927, 1930 and 1931 he represented Austria with the chess Olympiad. Since 1932 he lived in the Netherlands. it participated together to 1934 with max of Euwe in a Soviet tournament in Leningrad , where it divided place 7 and 8.

It achieved its best historical Elo number of 2664 in April 1941.< ref name= " Elo historically "> Chessmetrics Player of profiles 22.4.2006 (English)< /ref>

Kmoch was second of Alexander Aljechin during its WM-fights against Efim Bogoljubow and tournament leader during the WM-fight Aljechins against max of Euwe 1935. Since then it had begun a chess profile on course, was also journalistically active it. It reported for chess and daily papers in the whole world of the international chess happening.

After outbreak of the Second World War Kmoch, which was married with a Jewess, emigrierte into the USA. Here he worked for chess magazines such as Chess would run and Chess Review. 1950 lent the FIDE the title of international masters and 1951 to it an international arbitrator.

Kmoch made itself a lasting name by its still estimated books:

literature (selection)

  • the art of the defense, Berlin/Leipzig 1927
  • supplement to the manual of the game of chess of Bilguer for the years 1916-1929, Berlin/Leipzig 1930
  • ruby stone wins!, Vienna 1933
  • diary of the match Aljechin Euwe, Vienna 1936
  • the art of the farmer guidance, Berlin 1956


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