Hans's hole

Hans hole (* 2. November 1898 in Cologne, † 13. July 1960 in Berlin) was a chairman of the LDPD and Minister of Finance of the GDR.

Hole was drawn in after the attendance of the High School 1917 to the military service. 1918 - 1923 it studied jurisprudence at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn and worked thereafter as Justitiar and a tax counsel. 1936 it emigrierte into the Netherlands, returned 1938 to Germany and was 1939 - 1945 soldier of the armed forces.

1945 were hole joint founder of the LDPD in the circle Gotha, starting from 1947 of chairmen of the committee municipality politics at the central executive committee, starting from 1949 deputy party chairman and starting from 1952 after the arrest of Karl Hamann party chairman.

1946 - 1948 he was a mayor von Gotha, afterwards to 1950 Ministers of Justice of Thuringia and to 1955 Ministers of finances of the GDR. As a Minister of Finance it was also member of the Council of Ministers. Since 1949 he was a delegate (provisional) of the people chamber, since 1950 of deputy chairmen of the Council of Ministers and since 1954 member of the presidency of the national council of the national front.

1954 received the patriotic earnings/service medal to hole.


  • a citizen sees the Soviet Union, Leipzig 1953
  • Auferstehung of singular art by noble friend act, Berlin 1955
  • we thereby were, to Berlin 1959

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