Hans's laurel

Hans laurel (* 15. August 1901 in Piesteritz; † 7. September 1973, in Luther city joke mountain) was a politician and writer.

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Hans laurel became to 15. August 1901 as an illegitimate child of a housemaid born and buildup with care parents in small joke mountain and Piesteritz. After final professional training as Installateur he was assistant in different chemistry enterprises in and with joke mountain. 1918 it became member of the Free ones German Youth, 1921 member of the KPD, 1928 joint founders of the federation of proletarian-revolutionary writers (BPRS). It wrote for the KPD newspaper class warfare in resounds and starting from 1927 for the red flag. Due to political agitation it became 1925 from the nitrogen work Piesteritz to dismiss and was unemployed until 1933. 1931 exclusion from the KPD, because of offence against the party line, to which 1945 one cancelled. Because of anti-fascist resistance work (among other things because of contact for the group of way) from 1933 to 1934 in the concentration camp, then from 1937 to 1939 in the penintentiary and in the moorland camp, thereafter finally assistants under Gestapo - supervision.

Of 8. May 1945 up to 31. July 1950 was laurel mayor von Piesteritz and afterwards up to its death free lance as a writer actively.

Hans's laurel was member of the academy of the arts (Berlin). It received for its literary work 1959 the Heinrich man price, 1961 the national price of the GDR, 1963 the Mündel price of the district resounds and to 1971 the Lion Feuchtwanger price as well as the patriotic earnings/service medal in gold and the medal banner of the work.


laurel, the volumes chronicle in verses offers works a representative selection to lyric work. Poems appeared to works in individual outputs from five decades of the 1971 in the Central German publishing house as a component of laurel collecting.


  • humans, Moscow is flogged 1930 (Russian), 1959 on German
  • filters is a good number, 1953
  • the rebels of joke mountain, volume I 1956, volume II 1959, volume III 1963
  • the crank


  • wakes up!, Berlin 1928
  • the legend of the soldier Daniel, 1948
  • early spring and other dear stories, 1953
  • the Birkenhügel. , 1960 for friendly
  • memory, 1960 a life
  • resound to dear stories long, 1974

lyric poetry

  • of poems of a young worker, 1925
  • the lattice harp, 1948
  • of the daily song, 1948
  • it sing humans on all roads, 1950
  • as you thirty-seven were, 1961
  • the roads go, 1961
  • chronicle in verses, 1971

drama TIC

  • the drunkards, 1925
  • dear farmhand Luxembourg Lenin, 1927
  • tank cruisers Potemkin, 1929
  • phosphorus, Leningrad 1931


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