Hans Lutz Merkle

Hans Lutz Merkle (* 1. January 1913 in Pforzheim; † 22. September 2000 in Stuttgart) was a German manager


until 1958 was Merkle member of the executive committee of the Ulrich Gminder AG in Reutlingen. From 1963 to 1984 he was then a chairman of the management Robert Bosch GmbH and changed then as a chairman into the supervisory board and became later also partner Robert Bosch industrial trust kg . Its successor in the managementthe Bosch GmbH became Marcus Bierich.

Merkle was considered as öffenlichkeitsscheu, was however one of the last industrial managers, who were allowed to make decisions almost without reservation and alone and met. In the year 1994 it with was distinguished the University of Stuttgart. Thiswas considered at that time as a completely special honour, since the university had not lent 30 years long these before.

Only after its death it became the public admits that Merkle time of its life had been an almost possessed book friend. Its librarycovered 17,000 volumes, under it bibliophile rare pieces like a copy of the first edition of Goethe of Roman Carneval . Merkle deceased at the 22.September 2000.

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