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Hans Makarts „the five senses “
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the Hans Makart (* 28. May 1840 in Salzburg; † 3. October 1884 in Vienna) was a Austrian painter and decoration artist. It is considered as the representative painter of the struggle race epoch.

He spent its trainingin Munich with Karl Theodor of Piloty. 1869 it was appointed to Vienna and 1878 became it a professor for history painting at the academy. Its most important models were Tizian and Rubens.

To 24. July 1879 it organized a procession on the occasion of the silver weddingthe pair of emperors (Franz Joseph and Elizabeth), with which some hundred Protagonisten were involved, for which the costumes into details were sketched. Above all there was Renaissance costumes for the delegations of the citizens and baroque costumes for the artists. Numerous sketches in addition are still received.

Its work draws by strong Sinnlichkeit and sumptuous pathos out everything is own a course in the theatrical. They were characterized again and again as „color intoxication “. From its paintings above all the cycle is the five senses well-known, that to a large extent in the Austrian gallery in the lock Belvedere to see is.

Most orders for building decorations failed because of its demands for fee, only to 1881 could its arrangement of the staircase house of the art-historical museum in Vienna be begun. These paintings show Allegorien of the painting and plastics as well as ten representations of famous painters alsotheir models.

Also as Innenausstatter it arose, particularly for its Mäzen, to the Industriellen Nikolaus Dumba, whereby its sumptuously decorated studio was as it were a kind sample. Even hats and collars were made after its drafts - he came the ideal of the synthesis of the arts thereby muchclose.

After its early death the feeling was general that with it one epoch goes to end, and actually lasted it not for a long time, until it became for decades nearly the mockery figure. It did not exert however an influence on younger painters, which can be underestimated, so for instanceon Gustav Klimt, which resumed also the staircase house project in the art-historical museum.


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