Hans Paetsch

Hans Paetsch (* 7. December 1909 in Montreux Vieux, France (at that time Altmünsterol, to Germany); † 3. February 2002 in Hamburg) was a German actor, director and a synchronous speaker.

Hans Paetsch came in the small small town Montreux Vieux in the Elsass to the world. After Paetsch had licked during the study during a pupil performance theatre blood, the philology study stepped into the background and Paetsch decided to become actors. It received commitments at most diverse German stages, and. A. in Luebeck.

After the Second World War he found the house, which he should not leave for the remainder of his theatre life any longer to 1947: The Thalia theatre in Hamburg. The next 28 years, until 1975, he worked there as actor and a director.

Apart from his activity as synchronous speakers Hans Paetsch arose also very frequently in film and television roles. Its voice worked also with music productions, thus z. B. with „under wrong flag “(the dead trousers), „13 “(the physicians) or „dear pain “(Schiller), also. Most well-known Hans Paetsch is however a broad public main since the 1960er years as storytellers in countless photographs of classical fairy tales and other radio play productions for children, for the Tonstudio Europe, to which he borrowed his salient voice for more than 30 years. Furthermore one finds some Edutainment - to CD-ROM (and. A. Willy, the charm fish, max and the secret formula) with its stimmlichen co-operation in the trade.

Hans Paetsch deceased at the age of 92 years in Hamburg.

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