Hans Schwippert

Hans Schwippert (* 25. June 1899 in rem-separate, † 18. October 1973 in Duesseldorf) was an architect.

After that 1. World war studied Schwippert architecture in Hanover, Darmstadt and Stuttgart. 1925 was it in the studio of Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin actively, where he became acquainted with also Ludwig bad van the raw one.

1927 it was appointed to the work art school in Aachen.

1945 pulled Schwippert after Duesseldorf and became an much-in demand architect of the reconstruction in Germany: German Parliament Buildings inBonn (1949), Office of the Federal Chancellor in the palace foam castle (1950) and reconstruction of the St.Hedwigskathedrale in east Berlin (1963).

1959 it was appointed to the national academy of arts, university for screen end of arts in Duesseldorf and was daselbst until 1965 director


thatwritten deduction came 1995 into archives for screen end art in the Germanic national museum.


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