Hans Severus Ziegler

Hans Severus Ziegler (* 13. October 1893 in iron oh, † 1. May 1978 in Bayreuth) was a German journalist, director, a teacher and a LV - functionary.

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Hans Severus Ziegler was born as a son of a banker and an American in iron oh.


in Dresden and Zittau he visited the High School. Before outbreak of the First World War Ziegler served as a one year's einjährig-Freiwilliger, however because of an illness was serve-unable written. Until January 1919 he did military hospital service. Afterwards Ziegler Germanistik , history , history of art and philosophy in Jena , grab forest and Cambridge studied. he wrote a treatise to 1925 on suggestion of its mental Mentors Adolf Bartels over “Friedrich Hebbel and Weimar ".

editor and LV functionary

between 1922 and 1923 he worked in Weimar as a secretary of the völkischen literature historian Adolf Bartels and was at the same time an editor of the monthly magazine German bibliography. 1924 he became founder and publisher of the political weekly paper Völki and the daily paper the national socialist developed from it.

Between 1925 and 1931 Ziegler was active as deputy NSDAP Gauleiter gau Thuringia and from 1930 to 1931 as an adviser in the Thuringian national education Ministry under William Frick. On its suggestion 1926 on the NSDAP Party Congress received the name Hitler Youth into Weimar the LV youth organization.

Council of State and general manager

1933 took place Zieglers appointment as the Council of State and member of the state government from Thuringia. Furthermore it functioned as a president of the German Schillerstiftung and realm culture senator. 1936 he was ordered to the general manager of the German national theatre in Weimar and state commissioner for the Thuringian national theatres.

the exhibition “degenerate art”

in the context of the realm music days 1938 in Duesseldorf organized Ziegler following the residents of Munich exhibition “degenerate art “of 1937 the exhibition opening” degenerated to music “, in which it against jazz and the music of Jewish artists and composers polemisierte, and whose distance from the German music life demanded. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch had for pageant particularly the “festive plays” composed, which it directed. Subsequently, the exhibition was shown still in Weimar , Munich and Vienna. The advertisement posters carried the label beside the caricature of a black jazz musician, who carries a David star in the button hole: Degenerated music - an account of Council of State Dr. Hans Serverus Ziegler, general manager of the German national theatre too Weimar. It had already revealed 1930 - still as deputy gau leaders - with a decree for the country Thuringia under the title “against the negro culture, for German nationality” its those-relative convicition.

activity after the war

following the end of war could be drawn to Ziegler unhindered and without to the account first as theatre leaders in the Ruhr district and afterwards - until 1962 - on the North Sea island Wangerooge as educators and teacher in the boarding school of the physician and mayor Dr. Siemens work. On Wangerooge it informed the fan German and English at at that time private island High School. In addition it led the group of theatres of the school, which annually organized a performance in the cinema hall of the island (e.g. “Robbery of the Sabinerinnen”; “Process over the donkey shade”; “William Tell”). It acted also even as an actor, usually in main roles. After its retirement Ziegler published articles and books in the right-extremist surrounding field and lived up to its death in Bayreuth.

On the occasion of its dying the “former pupils of the island High School Wangerooge” published the world a large death notice in the daily paper.

works and publications

  • the theatre of the German people (1933)
  • practical culture work in the third realm (1934)
  • turn and way. Politico-cultural speeches and essays (1937)
  • the right in the art (1938)
  • music ( 1939) degenerated
  • lyric poems (1940)
  • to world view and God faith (1941)
  • Adolf Bartels, a völkischer Vorkämpfer of the German youth (1942)
  • large examination. Last letters and last words Todgeweihter (envelope text: After the looking processes in Nuremberg many of the highest representatives of the realm became victims of old-testamentary revenge. - In this book are the last letters and words among other things gathered by Hermann Göring, Joachim of Ribbentrop, Arthur Seyss Inquart, Fritz Sauckel, William Keitel and Alfred Jodl.)
  • Represented by the work of German poets of the more recent time (1957
  • ) Adolf Hitler from experiencing (1964)
  • who was Hitler? (1970)
  • Cheerful MUSE (1974)


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