Hans Sloane

Sir Hans Sloane (* 16. April 1660 in Ireland; † 11. January 1753 in Chelsea) was an English scientist and physician.

Promptly it was interested in Botanik and natural history. After its school training it began a study of the medicine, chemistry and biology in London. Afterwards it undertook journeys to France, where it continued in Paris and Montpellier its studies and 1683 attained a doctorate. Starting from 1687 it undertook a longer Forschungsreise after Jamaica.

Among his circle of acquaintances scientists ranked such as Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton as well as Edmond Halley.

In the year 1685 Sloane was selected to the member of the Royal Society and appointed 1727 the president, whereby he began the direct follow-up of Isaac Newton. it received the title of nobility Sir to 1716.

Hans Sloane was a passionate collecting tank. Beside its extensive Herbarium its collection covers insects, fossils, stones, coins, paintings as well as antiques from Egypt, Peru, North America as well as the Orient. This collection formed the foundation-stone British for museum in London.

As a physician it made itself a name as an alleged inventor of the Inokulationsmethode, which should serve the fight of the smallpox.


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