Hans Spemann

Hans Spemann (* 27. June 1869 in Stuttgart; † 9. September 1941 in Freiburg in mash gau) was a German biologist.

Spemann accomplished already 1902 first important attempts for cell division . For example, the two cells of the two-cell stage one succeeded to it To separate Salamanders, whereby it produced artificially twins. It was proven by this experiment and further attempts at more-cellular Embryonalstadien that the Furchungszellen of an embryo on early development stages contains still all heiress formations necessary for the further development.

Since 1919 Spemann professor was in Freiburg in mash gau. it kept 1935 common for with Hilde Mangold the discovered supervisor - effect during the Embryonalentwicklung the Nobelpreis for medicine. It had proven through transplant ion - experiments to the early Gastrula that a fabric localspecifically behaves, thus itself in accordance with the place, to those thatFabric into the receiver Gastrula transplanted was developed, and not in accordance with the origin place in the donor organism. The cells were not yet determined in this early development stage. In the case of transplant ion experiments to the late Gastrula resulted against it another effect: Here developed origin in accordance with transplant. That is,the fabric was now determined.

Already 1938 suggested the procedure of the core transfer to Spemann as a possibility for the investigation of the development potential of cores in differentiated cells. But this procedure in the research was used only later.

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