Hans Stübner

Hans Stübner (* 21. August 1900 in Berlin Friedrichshain; † 16. December 1973) was a painter and educating artist.

Hans Stübner was born 1900 as a son of a Küfers in Berlin Friedrichshain. As a pupil he made money in the work of art places Lindhorst and began themselves with first own drafts for picture wall carpets. In November 1919 it was accepted to the united state schools for free and applied art to Berlin and studied with Professor. Mirror. 1929 he was master pupil at the Prussian academy of the Künster with Professor. Fight and pan-forge. 1950 took place its appointment as lecturer in free painting and picture wall carpets to the national work art school Berlin (today: Academy for work art and mode), where it was active up to its retirement 1966.

Up to his death 1973 and worked Hans Stübner lived as free painters in Berlin. Works of Hans Stübner are among other things in the collections of the following museums: Berlini gallery, Berlin, Berlin museum, Berlin, loam bridging museum, Duisburg, museum of the city north living, north living, urban lock gallery, upper living, art-historical museum, Osnabrück, pin land museum, forest-ate. Its extensive deduction is cared for by the Schulz Stübner donation “a life with pictures”.

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