Hans Thoma

Selbstportait von 1899
Selbstportait by 1899

Hans Thoma (* 2. October 1839 in Bernau in the Black Forest; † 7. November 1924 in Karlsruhe) was a German painter and commercial artist.

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Thoma originates from simpler conditions. Its father Franz Joseph (1794-1855) was a learned Mueller and worked as a wood worker in the Black Forest. Its nut/mother pink one (1804-1897), geb. Maier from Menzenschwand, originated from a craftsman family. , He broke the theories off begun , first as Lithograph and Anstreicher in Basel , then as clock sign painters in ford cheeks. It operated auto+didactical times and indication studies before it 1859 of the Grossherzogl. Art school was taken up to Karlsruhe, where it and. A. Pupil of Johann William Schirmer was. Its study terminated Thoma in the year 1866 and went to a stay into Basel and Duesseldorf as well as Otto Scholderer 1868 to Paris, where particularly the works Gustave Courbets and the school of Barbizon impressed it. Also Thoma finally went to Munich, the capital of art at that time of Germany. Its stay lasted from 1870 to 1876. It was friendly with Arnold Böcklin and was close to the Leibl circle . 1877 he married the flower and quiet life painter Cella Berteneder. Since 1878 Thoma in Frankfurt lived and and. A. the painters of the Kronberger painter colony close. Occasionally it accommodated the writer Julius Langbehn. 1899 moved to Thoma to Karlsruhe, because he became a director of the there arts center and professor at the Karlsruher academy of arts.

Since its exhibition in the resident of Munich art association 1890 it was recognized generally in Germany and the art historian Henry Thode became its most important promoter. Thoma belonged until around approximately 1910 to the most outstanding painters of Germany.

artistic development and meaning

its early works are coined/shaped of a lyric Pantheismus. In its residents of Munich time it painted above all landscapes. In Frankfurt work with erzählerischem or allegorischem contents was located in the center of its work. At the age he worked intensively on his “Thoma chapel”, which he decorated with scenes from living and working Jesu Christi.

As its best and most authentic works are considered this very day its landscapes (Black Forest, upper Rhine level and Taunus) and haven advice of its friends and members like also its self haven advice. No more not to convince know today often grotesque oversubscribed, realistic, mythologisch - religious representations, which were strongly affected by Böcklin.

Its promoter Henry Thode stylized Thomas's work to an embodiment of national identity, with which by the National Socialist art criticism the soil was prepared for the collection.

After Hans Thoma in Baden-Wuerttemberg several schools were designated like e.g. also the Hans Thoma High School in Lörrach.


  • Black Forest landscape (1867; Arts center Bremen)
  • of haven advice of the nut/mother and sister (1868; Museum Folkwang meal)
  • Black Forest landscape (1872; Staatl. Museums Berlin)
  • the Rhine with Säckingen (1873; Säckingen; Hans Thoma museum Bernau)
  • singing in the country (around 1875; Federal state museum Hanover)
  • Taunuslandschaften (1881 and 1890; New Pinakothek Munich)
  • the angler (1888; City. Art collections Bonn)
  • the brook in the valley (1906; Mittelrheini federal state museum Mainz)
  • consequence of 12 monthly, 8 planet and 10 Christ pictures (1906-08; Städel Kunstinstitut

in Frankfurt and the national arts center in Karlsruhe possess arts center Karlsruhe) the most important Thoma collections.


  • Hans Thoma: In the Herbste of the life. Collected memory sheets. 1909
  • Hans Thoma: In the winter of the life. Life memories 1919


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