Hans Traxler

Hans Traxler (* 21. May 1929 in wonderful in the Sudetenland) is a German Illustrator and Cartoonist and ranks among the new Frankfurt one school.

Traxler was born as a son of Austrian parents in Böhmen and buildup in singing hereditary suppl . After the young draughtsman had gone 1945 first to Regensburg, it struck it 1951 to Frankfurt, where it after a Intermezzo as a caricaturist in services of the later Pardon - publisher at the barn school free painting to studied. In the course of its further manipulation than Cartoonist Traxler Chlodwig Poth became acquainted with .

Starting from 1962 he wrote contributions for Pardon and various books. 1979 he was joint founder of the satire magazine Titanic. Due to a half set in an article of the Titanic it created the “pear” together with Pitt Knorr (texts) for Helmut Kohl. Besides it published own series in time - the magazine starting from 1980, and works for the Frankfurt general newspaper, the South German newspaper and other one.

In the year 2006 Traxler received the Göttinger moose for its life's work.


I monument
  • “the truth about Hänsel and Gretel”, 1963 (films from Thees Klahn as “Ossegg. The truth about Hänsel and Gretel ", 1987)
  • “the journey after Jerusalem”, 1978
  • “of five dogs inherit one million”, 1979 (Kinderbuch)
  • “it were once a man”, 1979 (Kinderbuch)
  • “of people from yesterday”, 1981
  • “the powerful max”, 1984 (Kinderbuch)
  • “the large Gorbi”, 1990
  • “from the life of the Gummibärchen”, 1992
  • “as Adam to count learned”, 1993
  • “the return of the Gummibärchen”, 1994
  • “if cows propellers would have”, 1995
  • “Paula, the shining goose”, 1998 (Kinderbuch)
  • “of everything of me”, 1999
  • “the pious Crocodile”, 2001
  • “I monument”, 2005 (in the Main bank plant between Gerbermühle and Rudererdorf in Frankfurt/Main)


  • olive Maria Schmitt: The sharpest critics of the moose. The new Frankfurt ones school in word and line and picture.. Firmly, Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-8286-0109-X

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