Hans Voss

Hans Voss (* 28. April 1894 in high-speed horn; † 29. May 1973 in Eutin) was a German countering admiral of the war navy.

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the First World War

Voss stepped to 6. August 1914 of the German realm Reich as a war kriegsfreiwilliger to make with hope career at the navy as an engineer. Of 6. August up to 28. Decembers of the same yearly it served the II throwing division, and starting from that 29. December the outer light cruiser Arcona. In the year 1916 it was active on the liner SMS tough rings and the large cruiser SMS prince Bismarck. Starting from summer of the yearly 1917 it changed into I. Throwing division in which it up to 9. October remained. To 10. October 1916 he worked on the light cruiser Breslau. Together with the warship Goeben and the Breslau he fought with outbreak of the First World War in the German Mediterranen sea-division. To 15. August 1914 the Goeben and the Breslau with its crew were shifted into the Turkish navy under the command by Yavuz Sultan Semil. The ships Goeben and Breslau were renamed in Yavuz Sultan Semil and the Breslau in Mildilli. The ships became to 20. January 1918 into a military employment appoint prescribed a British troop reinforcement in the Ägäi sea to attack. Briefly after that they had brought the Reglan and M 28 to sinking, sank the Breslau after them 5 mine hits received. 331 Germans and Turkish crew members died. The 162 survivors, among whom also Marineingineurapplikant Voss was, were taken up by a British destroyer and taken imprisoned. The Goeben is after British bombardment 6. Days later in a sand bank accumulated. Of 20. January 1918 up to 30. September 1919 was Voss afterwards in British war shank.

between the wars

after it became to dismiss from the war shank stepped it I. Throwing division at the 1. October 1919 renews. Of 12. November 1919 up to 20. March 1920 he was teacher of the navy school B. Starting from that 13. October 1922 he was a guard of engineers on the light cruiser Berlin. It became to 28. September 1923 to the aide of the fleets school Kiel, Wyk on Föhr. In the years 1930 - 1932 he was an assisting mechanic on the light cruiser Emden. Starting from that 23. February 1932 he was a company commander of the fleets school “Friedrichsort “and starting from that 26. September 1934 Kommandierender engineer on the light cruiser Leipzig.

the Second World War

of 26. October 1938 up to 5. July 1943 it was Konsulant of the operation department of the naval warfare line (SKL). At the 1. July 1945 it capitulated before British troops in Oslo, Norway. It was from the 1. July 1945 up to 21. February 1948 in British shank.

Hans Voss is to 29. May 1973 in Eutin deceased.


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