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Hape Kerkeling (2004)

Hans's Peter “Hape” Kerkeling (* 9. December 1964 in Recklinghausen) is a German actor, moderator and a Comedian.

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HapeKerkeling made 1984 in its hometown Recklinghausen at the Marie curie High School the Abitur. Together with schoolmates it brought a record healthy fodder” under the volume name to “with the title “Hawaii” on the market. He worked for different broadcasting corporations, among other things for the WDR and the BR. ThatBreak-through created Kerkeling already with 19 years 1984/85 in the joke show Känguru (written against the spelling regulations at that time without h). The most well-known figure in this transmission was, the nervige Vorschulkind Hannilein represented by Kerkeling, - with red Pumuckl - hair-style, pair of overalls and on extra large chairssitting - the world of the adults commentated. Guest appearances and Sketche followed (among other things with Margarethe Schreinemakers) in the radios Bremen - transmission “extra route”. 1989 succeeded to Kerkeling as well as the pianist Achim Hagemann with its medium-critical show total normal a trailblazing Comedy - format, forwhich it was distinguished with many prices like the golden camera, the Adolf Grimme price or the Bavarian television price. Kerkelings legendary appearing as a queen Beatrix (“Lecker memo oh meal! ”), with which it it to 25. April 1991 created, before current camera almost Bonn minutes of the Office of the President of the Federal republic (in Berlin, lock Bellevue) to blow up, television history wrote. The Song satire “the whole life coming out from the transmission is a Quiz” created as single publication the entrance into the German Charts.

To 10. December 1991 outete the film producer pink one of Praunheim Kerkeling and other oneProminent one in the RTL plus Talkshow “explosive - the hot chair” with the words “Hape Kerkeling is stick-stifling, Alfred Biolek also ". Thereupon using Medienrummel - v.a. in the boulevard press - Hape Kerkeling with the words commentated:“More sensitive nature than I would have themselves now probably alsothe hair dryer into the bath tub put. Which soll's. Tomorrow they will drive another sow durch's village. “

1992 did not appear Kerkelings first motion picture film Pardon, for which he was at the same time as director and an actor active and at its film script he wrote. In the same year appearedalso the single Hurz, a Parodie on modern classical music, originally “totally normal” developed in the context of a bringing in film of the transmission row. To piano company by Achim the Hagemann and expressive piece spoken in mask of a Polish opera singer flowed into the gekreischten call Hurz!The not inauguratedPublic considered the presentation seriously meant and commentated it helpless to pseudointellectual.

According to own statement the Second Channel of German Television offered 1992 the follow-up of Thomas Gottschalk to it as moderator of the Samstagabendshow “bets that.?“on. Kerkeling rejected this offer. Instead it went (now withoutits past stage partner Achim Hagemann) with the transmission “Cheese”, which lay a similar concept as “totally normal” to reason, in the private television (to RTL). Trotz ganz respektabler Quoten gilt diese Station seiner Karriere als erster Flop.

In the second half of the 90's Kerkeling worked againfor the pool of broadcasting corporations and moderated among other things the transmission warm around heart and turned several popular television films (Willi and the Windzors, 1996; The granny is dead, 1997). Proper cult - status enjoys thereby meanwhile the film club read Piranjas (1995, a club vacation Persiflage).

Only 1999 were Kerkelingagain successfully with the SAT.1 - transmission over it laughs the world. For the transmitter SAT.1 it moderated also several times the annual donation Gala for the German AIDS assistance. For the presentation that the 70's show on RTL it became 2003 with the German television price in thatCategory best presentation maintenance excellently.

In January 2004 Kerkeling turned a film with the title Samba again in Metz man, who plays in the North-Rhine/Westphalian Metz man. In May 2004 and in May 2005 he moderated the large German test with RTL as well as in October 2004 that Large Germany test. Starting from April 2006 it moderates the live-show Let's thanks together with Nazan Eckes.

Kerkeling is for years with the most diverse stage programs on tour and fills successfully large resounding. With an inquiry of the transmitter cable 1 in the year 2005 it created it(as only moderator beside Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch) under the Top Ten of the most popular television faces of the Germans.

2004 pilgerte Kerkeling of 650 kilometers on the northSpanish Jakob way after Santiago de Compostela. As it reported in the Talkshow “humans with Maischberger”, it had on the way“a kind God meeting” feels.

Hape Kerkeling lives with its life companion and CO author Angelo Colagrossi (* 19. March 1960) in Duesseldorf. This wrote many texts and Sketche and. A. for “totally normal” and CO direction in the films “Pardon”, “Willi and the Windzors” did not lead, “thoseGranny is dead " and “Samba in Metz man”.

“Hape meets! ”

Since spring 2005 Kerkeling by Günther Jauchs production company i&u the show “Hape produced moderates TV meets! ”, those with RTL is radiated seasonally (so far a relay in the spring, one in the autumn). Therein it meets many nationalas well as international of star and e.g. disguises itself. as racing reporters “refuge Schlämmer”, as Schwabe “Siggi Schwäbli” or as Dutch Paartherapeutin “Efje van Dampen”. The show is produced in the NOB Studio 8 in Hürth with Cologne.

Refuge Schlämmer

under the slogan “always janz discht to andbang-hard nachjefracht " Schlämmer appears as deputy directors/conductors of the fictitious Grevenbroicher of day sheet . Dressed in a grey Trenchcoat and in a small black man handbag at the arm he accomplishes interviews on material meetings, like for example to the election to the Bundestag.

In the show of Harald Schmidt inKerkeling described its proceeding to the pool of broadcasting corporations. Thus always pour itself it before the dredging he interviews some drops Doornkaat over the coat. This obtains the effect the fact that the interview partners of an alcohol problem went out with their very genuinly working opposite and thereupon would give answer in a well-meaning manner.

Admitted idioms ofSchlämmer are the sets of “Weisst' answer” or “Wisster answer”, as well as “power eusch rivet moves!” and “treasure flax”.

The moreover one Schlämmer assumes that, it is a Sexsymbol. He always tries to kiss the female interview partners. It carries loose dentures and makes occasionally Grunz /Schnarchgeräusche.It expresses the name of the city Grevenbroich consciously wrongly. If he tries, a Mrs. anzubaggern, he often makes the remark: “Isch Mach three thousand in the month”, in order to make an impression.

Schlämmer is to be seen also with the Fotoshooting for the “Bravoboy of the yearly” as Eminem Schlämmer,then with a chain saw and a Jeans.

At the 3. February 2006 was published the singletreasure flax “. It contains among other things the song “treasure flax” and “my last cigarette”.

Siggi Schwäbli

defiance-lies, short-sighted and “Siggi Schwäbli” equipped with eyeglasses from glass components steps from a fat cellin the other one and knows often not, how happens it. Thus it came among other things with Barbara Schöneberger on the Cannstatter people celebration in Stuttgart into the torture chamber and fell before fear nearly in faint. The figure Siggi Schwäbli already dipped 1990 in some consequences of “totalNormally " up.


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