Harald Rosenthal

Harald Rosenthal (* 9. June 1937in Berlin) are a German sea biologist and fishery scientist.


Rosenthal was born in Berlin and buildup there. It studied 1957 to 1962 at the free University of Berlin Zoologie, Botanik, chemistry, Geografie and philosophy. it studied 1963 to 1968 in Hamburg Hydrobiologie and fishery science.

It attained a doctorate 1969 over the mass attitude of herring larvae and habilitierte 1981 over closed circulation systems in pisciculture and research. He taught 1989 to 2002 at Institut for oceanography of the University of Kiel.

Rosenthals research had two emphasis:

  1. Aquaculture: Here it researched on the one hand application orientated particularly in the area Kreislaufanlagen to the pisciculture and on the other hand ecologically oriented particularly regarding water keeping clean and lastingness particularly in developing countries.
  2. Ballast water: Rosenthal was one first, the danger of bringing in of sea organisms from other ecological systems in the ballast water of ships investigated. It supported regulations and other measures for the decrease of this problem.

Apart from its own research Rosenthal is in the international cooperation in the Hydrobiologie and aquaculture actively, in particular between Germany and Canada as well as Germany and Israel.

Rosenthal is publisher journal of the OF Applied Ichtyology and joint founder and president of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS). He is an honour doctor of the universities of Edinburgh (1985), Moncton (1996) and Stettin (2003) as well as member of the royally Swedish Academy of Sciences.


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