Harald V. (Norway)

king Harald V.
(Antônio Cruz/ABr, 2003)
king Harald V. (left) and queen Sonja to attendance with George W. and Laura Bush, February 2005

Harald V. (* 21. February 1937 in Skaugum close Oslo) is since deathits father to 17. January 1991 king of Norway. He is the son of Olav V. and princess Märtha of Sweden and belongs to the German house of Schleswig-Holstein special castle luck castle . It comes likewise from Josephine de Beauharnais, firstWife Napoléon Bonapartes, off.

He is the first native Norwegian, the king from Norway is since Olav IV., in the year 1370. Its Wahlspruch is “alto for Norge” (everything for Norway).

Harald lived during the Second World War firstsome months in Sweden, later in Washington, DC, turned however to 7. June 1945 to Norway back, in order to terminate its education at the Norwegian military academy and the Balliol college in Oxford in the united kingdom.

Harald married oneCivil one, Sonja Haraldsen 1968. They have two children, princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon.

He is meanwhile quadruple grandfather. Its son Haakon and its Mrs. Mette Marit are since that 21. January 2004 parents of Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, at the 3. December 2005 came the first son Sverre Magnus of the pair of crowning princes to the world. Haralds daughter Märtha Louise bore to 29. April 2003 its first daughter Maud Angelica Behn and became to 8. April 2005 nut/mother of Leah IsadoraBehn.

As verbissener sailors represented Harald Norway in several yacht haven competitions with the olympic plays. 1964 in Tokyo it was besides the carrier of the Norwegian flag. 1987 he became sail world champion with the Einsegler Fram X. King Harald V.used itself intensively for the assignment of the winter plays 1994 after Lillehammer .

Olav V.
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