Harald welfare

Harald welfare (* 7. November 1953 in Loffenau) is a German cook. In the year 2005 Harald welfare received from Federal President Horst charcoal burner the Order of Merit to gang.

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  • of 3 stars in the Guide Michelin (Guide Rouge)
  • 19.5/20 points with four hoods in the Gault Millau
  • 5 points into the Gourmetzeitschrift “the Feinschmecker”
  • 5 cook spoons in feast-advice-read by ARAL around only the most important restaurant leaders to call.

pupils are


  • 1970 - 1973 training in „monk forest hotel “in Dobel
  • 1974 - 1976, Commis in the two-star restaurant “steel bath”, Baden-Baden
  • 1977, “Tantris”, kind of hitting a corner funny man, Munich
  • 1978, Sous boss in “the grape/cluster”, Wolfgang pilot the Meier, clay/tone brook
  • 1980, master school in Baden-Baden, practical course with Alain Chapel in Mionnay
  • since autumn 1980, kitchen boss in the restaurant “Black Forest tube”, hotel grape/cluster, clay/tone brook
  • 1992, third star in the Michelin


  • fine from my kitchen (1998)
  • purify Desserts from my kitchen (2000)

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