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Originally the term designates hardware in English of pieces of metal, with which wood products were hardened, around of themTo increase quality (strength, functionality, workability and longevity).

Today hardware becomes [ˈhɑː (ɹ) dweə (ɹ)] among other things as generic term for the mechanical engineering equipment of a computer system uses. In addition all building groups (processor, main memory etc. ) and peripheral devices belong. Simplified said belongs everything thatto be touched can, to the hardware.

In contrast to it one calls programs and data software.


the hardware belong to Main board:

All these peripheral devices and building groups of a computer are developed (at least partly) with logical circuits. The hardware of a computer becomes from the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix) and the pertinent drivers steered and administers.

The moreover one one designates the part of functions, which are realized by means of festverdrahteter elements with the development of electronic circuits with hardware also.

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