Harlem River

 Der Harlem River (rot), zwischen Manhattan und dem Bronx, New York City.
of the Harlem River (red), between Manhattan and the Bronx, New York town center.

The Harlem River is an arm of the sea in New York town center, the USA, which over 13 kilometers between East River and the Hudson River extends. The Harlem River separates the island Manhattan from the Bronx, the only Borough new Yorks lying on the American mainland. A part of the today's river run is the Harlem River Ship Canal, which runs south of the former river course, with which result the fact that Marble Hill, a piece of Manhattan on which northern side of the river was isolated.

Two distances of the Triborough Bridge (Harlem River elevator, Bronx Kills Crossing) as well as several other bridges bridge the Harlem River. These bridges cross the river in north/south direction. The rudder association of the Columbia University practices regularly on the Harlem River as well as on the Hudson and uses a dock in close proximity to 218th Street, between the Harlem River and Sputyen Duyvil, which connects the Harlem River with the Hudson River.

the bridges over the Harlem River

  • Triborough Bridge
  • Willis Avenue Bridge (1901)
  • Third Ave Bridge (1898)
  • park Ave Bridge (Metro North railway)
  • Madison Ave Bridge
  • 145th Street Bridge
  • Macombs Dam Bridge
  • High Bridge (1842) (aquaduct)
  • Alexander Hamilton Bridge (I-95/US 1)
  • Washington Bridge
  • University Heights Bridge
  • Harlem Ship Canal Bridge (also as Broadway Bridge well-known) (US 9 with Unterbahn No. 1-9) Henry
  • Hudson Bridge (Henry Hudson Parkway/route 9A) Sputyen
  • Duyvil Bridge (Amtrak and Metro North railway) three
of the bridges, which span the Harlem River, are to be seen upward in this photo. The High Bridge (for traffic closed), the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, a part of the Interstate-95-Autobahn, and the Washington Bridge. Washington the Heights - quarter of Manhattan is on the left side, and the Bronx is on the right.

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