Harold Abrahams

Harold Maurice Abrahams (* 15. December 1899 in Bedford; † 14. January 1978 in Enfield) was a British athlete.

Abrahams began already early with Leichtathletik and showed soon its talent as Sprinter and far Springer. It studied Cambridge, which brought in a starting point at the olympic plays for it 1920 at the university. Abrahams had no success in Antwerp however. Both over 100 m and over 200 m he separated in the quarter final; in the Weitsprung it became only twentieth one, with the 4x100 m-relay fourth.

Abrahams won with the olympic plays 1924 into of Paris the gold medal in the 100-m-Lauf, although he did not rank among the favorite circle. In addition it won the silver medal with the British 4x100 m-relay; over 200 m it became sixth. Abrahams way to the olympic plays was filmed impressively by the British director Hugh Hudson. The film the hour of the winner received 1981 four Oscars.

Abrahams forced a foot injury 1925 to the task of its career. It was during more than forty years sports journalist and Radiokommentator on BBC.


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