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Harold Pinter CBE, CH (* 10. October 1930 in London) is an English theatre author, director and a carrier of the Literaturnobelpreises 2005.

Pinter wrote for theatres , sound broadcasting , television and motion picture films. Many of its early works are ranked among the absurd theatre.

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lives and work

Pinter was born as a son of Jack Haim Pinter, a sephardischen cutter, and of Frances Moskowitz , aschkenasisch, in Hackney , London. Its surname decreases/goes back on the Portuguese name Pinto , its ancestors had before the Inquisition from Portugal to flee. It buildup in the proletarian coined/shaped Londoner East ends. It studied briefly to the Royal Academy OF drama TIC kind (RADA). As a young man it published poetry and look-played at the theatre. Its first play, The Room - the room, he wrote 1957. In the same year it began the birthday celebration, which became however no success with the work on The Birthday party -, although it was praised of the Sunday Time. It created its break-through with the piece of The Caretaker - the caretaker, who 1960 were uraufgeführt. It is disputed whether the indistinctness and obscureness of the world in Pinters theatre texts are already reason of enough to add the works of this author to the so-called absurd theatre. At least it could be objected that absurdly the pieces are not, but the circumstances, in which the figures live. The straight famous earlier work Pinters is satisfied with reality, gives an idea of ärmliche, almost rudimentary existence conditions. Often the pint he people themselves do not know, what for them want to follow motives. The last sets of the old Davies, which pushed itself in the “caretaker ” into the security of the strange room, betray, how little self certainty remained also for the winner in the duel: “What am I to make? Where am I? “

Only at advanced age Harold Pinter became openly politically. 1985 it traveled with the American dramatist Arthur Miller to Turkey, where they met victims of the political suppression. Pinters experience in Turkey and with the suppression of the Kurdish language inspired him to its play of 1988, Mountain LANGUAGE - mountain language. Its public defense of the Yugoslav ex dictator Slobodan Milošević before the UN-war crimes tribunal into the Hague of the genocide and the crime against the humanity was accused, provided for international criticism.

Pinter engaged itself also in the campaigns against the Iraq war.

With the reason that it opens and into the closed area of the suppression breaks in „in its dramas the abyss under the everyday twaddle “, became it to 13. October 2005 the Nobelpreis for literature for the year 2005 awarded. This was for the literature world like 2004 with Elfriede Jelinek a surprise. The comments handed of “a good, correct decision” (Marcel realm Ranicki) to “offense for the world literature” (Denis cheque). Sigrid Löffler meant, the winner was nevertheless “démodé”, thus no more on the height of the time. Three decades is past the work, with which it made theatre sensation.

In October 2005 Pinter received the annually lent Franz Kafka price from the Franz Kafka - society with seat in Prague. Since he could come because of health problems not personally to Prague, its friend Vaclav Havel received the price in his agency.

Just as little he could come to the Nobelpreisverleihung, but let his the day before noted thank speech show. The critically ill Pinter used the large publicity of this cause for violent reproaches against the leaders of the Iraq war George W. Bush and Tony Blair and excited accordingly attention.

work on films

its first film script, The Servant, wrote Pinter 1963. Later it wrote film scripts and. A. for The Go-Between, The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), Turtle Diary (1985), after the novel of Russell Hoban, The Handmaid's Tale (1990), The Trial (1993), after the novel „the process “of Franz Kafka. It published also a film script to Marcel Prousts on the search after the lost time, which was not filmed however. Some of Pinters pieces for the cinema were likewise adapted: The Caretaker (1963), The Birthday party (1968), The Homecoming (1973) and Betrayal (1983). Occasionally he took over also Filmrollen (in The Servant 1963, Accident 1967, Turtle Diary 1985).

Pinter in headlines

1977 turned out Pinter in headlines, when it its wife, whom actress Vivien Merchant, which he left had married 1956, for lady Antonia drill, the oldest daughter 7. Lord Longford. The pair married 1980 after Pinters divorce. Its piece of Betrayal (dt.: Fraud) of 1978 was read occasionally as representation of these Liasion; it be based however on an earlier affair, which Pinter for seven years with Joan beacon-wave, a television host, connected.

A public controversy with theatre director made Peter later resounds to sensation, to which Pinter represents into its 1983 diaries appeared as a notorious drunkard. The two men could repair their friendly relationship however.

Pinter is also a large fan of the English national kind of sport Cricket. He is a chairman of the Gaieties Cricket club.

Finally Pinter came into the headlines, because he the US president George W. Bush in connection with the Iraq war a mass murderer and Tony Blair poor erring (“deluded idiot “) called.


  • The Room (1957)
  • The Birthday party (1957)
  • The Dumb Waiter (1957)
  • A Slight Ache (1958)
  • The Hothouse (1958)
  • The Caretaker (1959)
  • Sketches (1959)
    • The Black and White
    • Trouble into the Works
    • load ton of Go
    • Request stop
    • Special Offer
    • That's Your Trouble
    • That's universe
    • interview
    • Applicant
    • Dialogue Three
  • A Night Out (1959)
  • Night School (1960)
  • The Dwarfs (1960)
  • The Collection (1961)
  • The Lover (1962)
  • Tea party (1964)
  • The Homecoming (1964)
  • The Basement (1966)
  • Landscape (1967)
  • Silence (1968)
  • Sketch: Night (1969)
  • old of Time (1970)
  • Monologue (1972)
  • NO Man's country (1974)
  • Betrayal (1978)
  • Family Voices (1980)
  • Victoria station (1982)
  • A child OF Alaska (1982)
  • Sketch: Precisely (1983)
  • One For the Road (1984)
  • Mountain LANGUAGE (1988)
  • The new World order (1991)
  • party Time (1991)
  • Moonlight (1993)
  • Ashes ton of Ashes (1996)
  • Celebration (1999)
  • Sketch: Press Conference (2002)


  • Kullus (1949)
  • The Dwarfs (1952-56)
  • Latest of report from the stick Exchange (1953)
  • The Black and White (1954-55)
  • The Examination (1955)
  • Tea party (1963)
  • The Coast (1975)
  • problem (of 1976)
  • Lola (1977)
  • Short story (1995)
  • Girls (1995)
  • Sorry About This (1999)
  • God's District (1997)
  • Tess (2000)
  • Voices into the tunnels (2001)


  • Martin Esslin: Harold Pinter. (Original under the title: The peopled wound. The plays OF Harold Pinter)
  • Heinz Höller: Schnauzer and Pinter. A comparison. (1986)

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