Harri Holkeri

Harri Hermanni Holkeri [ˈhɑrːiˈhɛrmɑnːiˈhɔlkɛri] (* 6. January 1937 in Oripää) is a Finnish politician and a former Prime Minister of its country.

Holkeri locked 1962 the study of the political science with the master .

Already as a young person it joined the conservative party, whose chairman became he 1971 at the age of 34 years. He was thereby a youngest conservative party chief in Europe. Holkeri laid down the presidency 1979 and left first the policy, in order in the central bank to engage itself (1978-1997). After some years in the local government policy of Helsinki it won the parliamentary election 1987 and became a first conservative Prime Minister Finnlands since the Second World War. Holkeri formed a large coalition with the Social Democrats and further smaller parties. Its liberal basic attitude and its obligation consciousness were coining/shaping for his reign, which persisted until 1991. Holkeri kandierte twice (1982 and 1988) for the office of the finischen president.

Holkeri was 1995 - 1998 member from George of the J. Mitchell geleitenen internation energy Komisson (The internationally Body) from neutral states, which mediated in the Northern Ireland conflict and large influence from coming off the Karfreitagsabkommen had 1998.

2000 he was selected to the president of the UN-general assembly and stopped this office until 2001 . From 2003 to 2004 he was UN-manager in the Kosovo.

Holkeri successfully completed several Marathone. It is married and has two children.


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