Harris Yulin

Harris Yulin (* 5. November 1937 in Los Angeles) is an US-American actor.

Yulin lived into the 1960er years in Tel Aviv Jaffa, where its interest in the looking plaything was aroused. It lived also occasionally in Italy.

Yulin played in the film Ghostbusters II (1989) beside Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, in the film four loves you (1996) beside Michael Keaton. It was also in some consequences of the TV serials 24, Buffy - in the spell of the Dämonen and Third Watch as well as in a consequence of the series star Trek: To see Deep space Nine and in the series of Nikita. For its guest role in the TV serial Frasier he was nominated in the year 1996 for the Emmy Award.

Yulin was married with Gwen Welles, to these to 13. October 1993 died.

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