Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher im spanischen Bürgerkrieg
Harry Fisher in the Spanish civil war

Harry Fisher (* 12. March 1911 in New York town center; † 22. March 2003 ebenda) was an US-American trade unionist, peace activist and a Interbrigadist in the Spanish civil war in the Abraham Lincoln brigade.


Harry Fisher became in New York town center to 12. March 1911 born. After its father 28-jährig at Tuberkulose had died, his verwitwete nut/mother brought for some time to the young Harry into the Hebrew national orphanage, while she found work in the textile industry and for it fought that her two smaller children survived.

As a young person Harry Fisher saw, how dwellings were vacated by worker families during the world economic crisis, because the rents were no longer payable. Furniture vacated by the police on the road was back-carried however again into the dwellings: Of young people of the communist youth federation YCL. It became member of the Young Communist League YCL and also union member in the “departments net curtain Employees union, local one 1250”, since it worked as young adults as an office worker for the Henry a rose net curtain, the lady clothing department of Sears Roebuck. Fisher was involved as activist in innumerable strikes and political demonstrations.

Harry Fisher auf einer Demonstration gegen den Irak-Krieg in New York
Harry Fisher on a demonstration against the Iraq war in New York

1937 left Harry Fisher New York and traveled to Spain, in order to follow the international brigades. It served in Spain of March 1937 until September 1938. It participated in most large fights, as later to the Jaramafront from April to June 1937, the income of Belchite in September 1937, in the Terueloffensive in the winter 1938, and in the battle of the Ebro from July to September 1938. In Brunete it served the first Afro American, who led white Americans in the fight as a message over intermediary of the commander of olive Law. Harry Fisher became a witness, as olive Law was deadly met by hostile balls: “He which the roofridge one more over the top. He which into the furthest position when he which hit by A Fascist bullet into the chest. “

In September 1938 Fisher returned to the United States . He married 1939 Ruth Goldstein, a Gewerkschaftsaktivistin. Together they had two children. In the Second World War Fisher served as on-board contactors of a B-26 of bomber. After the Second World War Fisher worked over 50 years long in the Soviet press agency TASS in New York town center; he was director/conductor of many years of the technical department.

Its first book with the title “Comrades” appeared 1998, in which it sat down apart with its experiences in Spain. The book was translated also into German and Spanish. Politically Fisher its whole life was active in marches of the civil rights movement, as a trade unionist and as Pazifist.

Even at the high age he took part in anti-war demonstrations. As also with the New Yorker large demonstration to 22. March 2003 against from the USA led the third Gulf War, with the Harry Fisher a cardiac infarct suffered and a little later in the pc. Vincents hospital deceased. It became 92 years old.

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