Harry James

Harry James (* 15. March 1916 in Albany (the USA); † 5. July 1983 in read Vegas) was American jazz Trompeter and Bandleader.

“If one a good, clean beginning has, gives that to gloss in the play.” Harry James understood to shine it: he was the son of a Zirkuskapellmeisters and became the typical Starsolist with highly transparent jet, technically perfectly into large heights. It, not only as soloist succeeded itself to it to make but also as an orchestra leader a name.

Starting from 1935 it played together with Ben pole lacquer. 1937 it was engaged by Benny Goodman. It separated and was based at the end of of 1938 again from Benny Goodman a its own bends volume. Its orchestra played stylistic at the border between jazz and dance music, as it occurred in the Swing style frequently. The volume was supplemented frequently through strike ago. 1943 he married the 40's-year film star Betty Grable. In bend volume played some large singers and singers such as Louise Tobin (with which it was married before Grable), Frank Sinatra (its career begins with James), Helen Forrest (the Song I've Heard That Song Before with their is time sold at the beginning of the 40's more than one million), thickly Haymes and Kitty the Kallen. In addition many sizes played such as Ray Conniff, Willie Smith, Buddy smell, Corky Corcoran, Juan Tizol also. The volume existed into the 1950er year.

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