Harry Langdon

Harry Langdon (* 15. June 1884 in Council Bluffs, Iowa; † 22. December 1944 in Hollywood, California), was US - American actor and Komödiant

Langdon was born as a son of the painter William Worley Langdon and Lavinia Langdon. It buildup in Omaha , it earned itself pocket money by the newspaper sales, which it spent on the one hand on theatre attendance, on the other hand one wanted it with the saved money own dramatic theatre productions to finance. Langdon tore out and closed for some months „of the Dr. Belcher's Kickapoo Indian Medicine show “. Langdon left its family again and again, in order to follow for example „the Gus Sun Minstrels “or another traveler Showtruppe or smaller circus. It appeared very versatile, as kindist at the trapezoid, clown or musi Kant.

In the year 1903 Langdon in Milwaukee married the actress rose Musolff. 1923 it seized the resolution to the silent movie to go. Harold Lloyd brought Langdon together with the producer Hal Roach , but the negotiations remained unsuccessful. He signed with Sol Lesser of „Principal Pictures “. Langdon played The Skyscraper, A Tough Tenderfoot and A Perfect Nuisance in different comedy short films as for example. In October 1923 Principal Pictures quit the contract from money scarcity, however he was taken to Pathé of Studios already in November von Mack Sennetts „“under contract. Sennett granted artistic liberty to Landon, in order to develop its own style. With Langdons of rising admittingness also its films became longer. It drew even with Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd or Buster Keaton . Until 1928 it turned far films, however interest of public lacking brought Langdon for one year back on the stage. 1929 he signed a contract with Hal Roach. Langdon turned still numerous mute and Tonfilme up to its death, both and main and Nebendarsteller among other things for universal Pictures or United Artists.

Filmografie (selection)

  • Feet OF Mud (1924)
  • universe Night Long (1924)
  • Hansom Cabman, The (1924)
  • Luck OF the Foolish, The (1924)
  • roofridge 100 Years, The (1924)
  • His new Mamma (1924)
  • Cat's Meow, The (1924)
  • Smile Please (1924)
  • There He Goes (1925)
  • Lucky of star (1925)
  • Remember When? (1925)
  • Boobs into the Wood (1925)
  • The Strong one (1926)
  • Ella Cinders (1926)
  • Soldier one (1926)
  • Fiddlesticks (1926)
  • Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)
  • Saturday Afternoon (1926)
  • His roofridge Fleming (1927)
  • Long Pants (1927)

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