Harry Martinson

Harry Edmund Martinson (* 6. May 1904 in Jämshög, Blekinge; † 11. February 1978 in Stockholm) was a Swedish writer.

For a work, that the rope drops catches and the universe reflects received Martinson 1974 with Eyvind Johnson the Nobelpreis for literature.

Harry Martinson died at the age of 73 years at the 11. Feburar 1978 (Suizid).


  • Nomade, 1931
  • journey without a goal, 1932
  • cape, probably live!, 1933
  • the Nesseln flowers, to 1935
  • the way outside, 1936
  • the way after bell realm, 1945
  • trade wind, 1945
  • Aniara. A revue of humans in time and space, 1956


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