Hartmut pea

Hartmut pea (* 23. November 1915 in Rudolstadt; † 7. July 2004 in Trossingen) was a German Altphilologe.


the son of a physician from Thuringia studied classical philology in Hamburg, where it 1940 to the Dr. phil. one attained a doctorate. 1948 it habilitierte itself as Gräzist with a study to the attizistischen encyclopedias. In the same year it received a first Dozentur in Hamburg. There he was appointed 1954 the unscheduled professor and finally appointed six year later as the tidy professor. 1965 it followed a call to Tübingen to the chair for Greek philology and 1968 a further call to the university of Bonn, where it researched and taught to short before its death.

Its research dedicated itself Homers , Herodots and the Thukydides to the textual criticism and text production of Greek fragments and Scholien , the understanding. Pea functioned as co-editor of the renowned magazines Glotta and Hermes and belonged 1965 beside Carl Andresen, Olof Gigon, Karl Schefold, Karl Friedrich Stroheker and Ernst Zinn to the publishers of the encyclopedia of the old persons world (LAW). Together with briefly slat it published the encyclopedias Graeca minora .

Hartmut pea was British corresponding member of the Royal Academy and the academy of the sciences to Goettingen.

works (selection)

  • 1950 investigations to the attizistischen encyclopedias, Berlin: Academy publishing house.
  • 1960 contributions for the excessive quantity of the Iliasscholien, Munich: Beck.
  • 1965 encyclopedias Graeca minora, Hildesheim: Olms.
  • 1969-1983 Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1972 contributions to understand the odyssey, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1979 selected writings to the classical philology, Berlin-new York: de Gruyter.
  • 1980 anniversary publication for Hartmut pea to 65. Birthday, Hg. of Joachim Latacz, peppering castle: Schöningh.
  • 1984 studies for the pro log of the euripideischen tragedy, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1986 investigations for the function of the Gods in the homerischen Epos, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1989 Thukydides interpretations, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1991 fiction and truth in works the Herodots, Goettingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.
  • 1992 studies to understand Herodots, Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • 1995 Theosophorum Graecorum Fragmenta, Stuttgart: Teubner.
  • 2003 studies for Greek seal, Wiesbaden: Steiner.

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